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Crime Scene Investigation

Report guide line:

1) Title page – Topic description (e.g., Introduction to the Scientific Method), date of laboratory (mm/dd/yy), course.section number (10X.0XX), & your name (Freedom Freeman, Jr.).

Laboratory Report format: font – Arial, font style – regular, font size – 11 point, margins – 1 inch, justification – full, spacing – single, paper color – white, ink color – black.

2) Laboratory Questions – All questions must be typed & answered in complete, grammatically correct sentences (no abbreviations, slang, grammatical, or spelling errors).

  • Laboratory reports must contain the same headings used in each topic section (e.g., Exercise 1A Heart Rate)
  • All tables, graphs, & charts must be computer-generated, appropriately titled & labeled.
  • All freehand drawings must be appropriately titled & labeled.
  • Do not leave any questions blank. Blank question = “0”
  • Insert your computer-generated name (using Microsoft Word Insert, Header or Footer) & a page number (using Microsoft Word Insert, Page Number) on each sheet of paper & staple all sheets together before submitting your document.
  • For your records, make copies of all assignments submitted to me.
  • If you do not understand these instructions, then talk to me before submitting your 1stlaboratory report for extra credit.
  • Each laboratory report should be a professionally typed document.

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