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Environmental Health

Environmental Health (graded)

Visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s MyEnvironment site at and enter your city and state, ZIP code, or location into the location box. Explore the site to learn more about your environment and things that might be impacting the health of its citizens.

  • Identify something new you learned about your environment and how it could be affecting health by completing this statement: “I didn’t know _____.”
  • How could you, in the role of a community health nurse, address these concerns?

Optional: For more environmental health information, you can also visit the following websites.

The quality of our environment influences the quality of our lives substantially. Optimal health is dependent on a healthy environment. The CHN has the responsibility to know about environmental health risks and the impact to the community. Many community members take the environment for granted and may fail to recognize dangers that exist. Explore the EPA website provided and examine the environment of your community. Share something new you learned and how the CHN could address these concerns. I look forward to learn more about your communities

please use the city of carson in california

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