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South’s online library , DIscussion question help

APA format, 2 pages, I uploaded all the papers

Visit South’s online library and review these two articles.

  • Connelly, L. M.  (2014). Use of theoretical frameworks in research. MEDSURG Nursing, 23(3),  187-188.
  • Green, H. E. (2014).  Use of theoretical and conceptual frameworks in qualitative research. Nurse Researcher, 21(6),  34-38.

Next, review the evidence you are  collecting for your proposed study. Which theories  have others cited? Are you seeing a common theme?  Next construct a conceptual map (see p. 133 in your textbook). Use Microsoft  Word or Microsoft PowerPoint and include this as an attachment. Be sure you have defined  the concepts and included relational statements.

Provide  constructive, supportive feedback to your classmates’ posts.

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